About Us

Mark Compton and Kirsteen Holuj run raku workshops at Westbury Arts Centre in Milton Keynes. We are both practicing ceramicists whose studios are at Westbury and we have joined forces to run the workshops as we both really enjoy the drama and excitement of raku firing.

Mark's works can be seen on his website www.markcomptonceramics.co.uk
and Kirsteen's works at www.kirsteenholuj.co.uk

Workshop run once a month through the summer until the clocks change and the days just
become too short.
There are 10 places available at each event and you don't need any experience of raku to still really enjoy the day, Mark and I make pieces that you can buy on the day, glaze yourself and then fire in the kilns. However we also encourage those who make their own work to bring along bisque fired work, which is even more exciting!!!

Email -   workshops@mkraku.co.uk for more information or to join our mailing list.


  1. Looks so much fun. Ceramics is so much fun.

  2. There's nothing as therapeutic as working with clays and
    seeing how they come out once fired.